Pic4VR creates immersive, cinematic Virtual Reality experiences to engage your audience in a radically new, cutting edge way. With our combined experience of digital film-making and storytelling, we have always been at the forefront of the latest technology. We are passionate about how technology can enhance storytelling to resonate deeper with audiences.

Just imagine…

Just imagine being able to be transported back in time to feel the sense of danger whilst roaming among the dinosaurs or a historically-accurate war zone. In order to feel the same emotions as you would if you were really there, you have to feel like you are in the middle of of the action. Imagine looking behind you to see a stampede of hungry velociraptors or the sound and sight of bullets whizzing past your head. Through the use of visual effects and the latest VR and 3D sound technology we create experiences that will allow your audience to feel a sense of immersion like never before.

In the thick of the action

Rather than just another 360° video, we also film VR experiences that are creative, engaging and resonating. We carefully script our live action experiences so the audience is always in the thick of the action.

With our backgrounds in feature film, we take pride in our focus on pre-production to help us achieve the best possible end product.

Let your next live action VR experience stand out of the crowd.

What we do

End to end solution
Our team has broad experience across live action, VFX and animation production, allowing us to offer a complete solution from concept to final delivery.

Story drives the technology
As a collective of creatives and storytellers, we believe that the technology always serves the story. We are most passionate about connecting with audiences through telling impactful stories.

Full CG Virtual Reality
We create fully CG immersive worlds ideal for museum installations, training exercises and experiences that cannot be filmed. Content is only limited by imagination and can offer unparalleled user engagement.

Virtual Reality Production Services

VR Crew & Equipment Hire Services:
• Directors
• Producers
• VR Camera Techs
• VR Camera Hire
• Game Designers
• Audio Sound Design
• Post Production

VR Production Services:
• 360° Video
• Live Action VR Shoots
• CGI Animation VR Production
• Post Production for VR and 360° Video
• Interactive VR App Production
• Deployment of VR Content Across Multiple Platforms


Live action VR


Live action with VFX VR


Full CGI pre-rendered VR


Interactive game engine-based VR